More wine, less food…


Bar Bordeaux, the saucy new wine bar on the corner of 29th and Madison honors thirteen centuries of wine making with a highly approachable and spirited wine list.  A collaborative effort between the Collective Hospitality Team and Bordeaux Region, Bar Bordeaux hopes to introduce wine drinkers today to some of the most interesting and innovative wines from the 8000 chateaus of Bordeaux.  The lighthearted menu features a perfect balance of savory and sweet nibbles and folks looking for a more food, less wine can head next door to Millesime, the older more serious sister by Collective Hospitality.  The room itself…vintage French meets Andy Warhol in lace garters.

 Please call for further information: 646.472.3626 or email Kevin Pena, our Events Coordinator, at 

Millesime • 92 Madison Avenue.New York, NY 10016 • Tel: 212.889.7100 • Get Map

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